Open your heart and mind


My classes run in a 7 week cycle addressing the 7 chakras consecutively.

My journey with yoga began in 2009 when I embarked on my first Teacher Training Certificate in Ashtanga Primary Series with Jim Harrington. Part of that 240 hour TTC was a weekend retreat with one of Jim’s teachers Shimon Ben Avi from Israel. Shimon returned to Cape Town in 2010 & 2011 to give a two part teacher training in Ashtanga Second Series. He has come back almost every year since then and I have never missed any of his workshops or intensives, most recently completing a 300 hour Advanced TTC. He is my greatest teacher in yoga, philosophy and life. My other major influences are Iyengar teachers David Jacobs and Jurgen Meusel as well as Aditi Guar from whom I learnt a beautiful Sivananda practice when Jim took a group of us to India on a TTC in 2013.

Through my own experience, I have found working with the chakras/energy centres to be healing and transformational. I work in a 7 week cycle addressing each of the 7 consecutive chakras making use of the relevant asana/yoga poses, breathwork/pranayama, meditation, colour, mantra and philosophy to create balance and flow in the body and mind.

Personal Training

My fascination with anatomy and physiology began at school when I took Ballet as a 7th subject at UCT School of Dance. After giving up ballet I began to explore different forms of movement and exercise. Through training with a Personal Trainer I stumbled across the transformative weight training programme Body For Life which prompted me to study further to inspire metamorphosis in others. In 2005 I quit my job & began training people full-time. It was during this time that my journey with yoga began and I would integrate what I had learned into the regimen. I missed my fantastic clientele and the one-on-one dynamic when I went back into the corporate world. Now that I am teaching full-time again some of my clients who I used to train have also returned. I meet people where they are and get so much out of this special interaction. My focus is on full body workouts with correct alignment, form and technique. I always do assisted stretching at the end of a workout. Personal Training sessions can be booked for Active Bodies, IHA or RBSI.


Numerology was developed by Pythagoras but dates back to the ancient Vedic texts and Kabbalistic scriptures. Each letter has a corresponding numerical value so there is a lot of information concealed in a name. The vowels reveal desires, the consonants reveal personality and the birth name as a whole reveals its talents and destiny. The Life Path Number is derived from the date of birth and unveils the individual’s purpose and what talents can be drawn on to master this incarnation. A Numerology chart details an individual’s characteristics, lessons, strengths and challenges. An Excursion chart can also be written up from the name which holds information about the nature of events of an individual’s lifetime and their corresponding duration. Compatibility of numbers and how they interact with each other can be developed through Relationship Numerology. I began studying Numerology in 2017 because of my fascination with numbers. Little did I know the transformation it would ignite and how absolutely everything is written into our lives the day we’re born and given names!

“I gained huge value from my numerology reading with Dominique. Her solid knowledge of the subject together with a deep knowing and intuition enabled her to provide invaluable insights into my life path, character, challenges and opportunities. I highly rate her numerology skills and definitely recommend her to others.”

Joanne Miller